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You be YOU

Recently someone quoted to me "God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called". Oh how I love that. In our different ministries I have found myself trying to fit a mold. Not the same mold every time. It is always different. I felt I needed to be different in order to fill my calling and to be qualified to fit a position in this ministry.

When we were young youth pastors I would want to act young and hip (do people even say that anymore?? Certainly not ones that are actually hip). I was trying to reach the youth by being a certain way.

When we moved to a different church, I was craving relationships. I found myself trying to fit in with the other staff wives and if I had to change things about myself then I would do that. It is easy to adjust things about yourself to be what you think is better than your authentic self. I need to dress differently to fit in with this group at church. I need to be more spiritual when I am with this group. I need to work harder here, lest I get judged.

Recently I had an eye opening thought. If God called me to this church and to this ministry, then He wants ME here. Not a version of myself. Not a better or different me. He wants the ME who He created. He wants the casual dressed, Real Housewives of wherever watcher, wear my heart on my sleeve, sensitive me. I have tried to be more of a dressed up, proper reader, less emotional, more spiritual person. But God didn't call that person to this spot. He called me. He called you.

Part of that eye opening thought was, if He called me here, then He called other people to where they belong. So who am I to judge them - just like I don't want them to judge me. If you are a high energy, less emotional, more of a go getter person, then that is who you are and God has a specific place for you. It might even be side by side next to me. But that ministry needs us both.

You might not have a college degree. You may have a reputation from your past (make that part of your testimony). You might be an introvert, a melancholy personality, a follower, more of a supporter than a leader, you might not be eloquent, the list goes on. God doesn’t need you to have a degree. He doesn’t need us all to be strong leaders. He doesn’t need you to be upbeat or well spoken. He doesn’t need you to be smart. You might be all those things or some mix in between. The only thing you need to be is you.

God equips us. God qualifies us. We just have to say yes to being who we are. YOU DO YOU.

Have you ever felt like you needed to be a different and better version of yourself? Let us know in the comments below. Also - be sure to check out our website and leave a prayer request. We would love to pray for you. Click here for more details.


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