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Driving Miss Crazy

I recently read a beautiful story about a woman at the end of her life going on her last drive. Someone was driving the car as they toured her old neighborhood and she looked out the window of the car and remembered all the old times.

There were many things I could have taken from that story. But what hit me was the fact that I don’t look at the scenery when my husband drives. I don’t nap, I don’t read, and I don’t look at my phone. I just watch straight ahead and make sure we don’t get into an accident. I make sure there are no fender bender possibilities. I save us from potential chaos. I save us.

I have driven with Jason for 26 years. I have glanced at scenery as we drove for those 26 years. But I am confident to say that I have never looked too long, that I didn’t know what was going on in front of us.

It hit me. That is a lot of the world to miss out on. My fear and my desire for control have stopped me from seeing the beauty around me. It has been that way in our ministry many times. I am so focused on making sure that people are happy, no one is upset with us, programs are smooth, and my husband is always all things to all people. I miss the scenery. God is everywhere. His presence is in our midst as we sing, the children run around the building, our food pantry serves the hungry. I am getting choked up now just thinking about it.

There are so many God moments that I miss because I am worried about the criticism, or opinions, or the times I mess up. I am worried about the fender bender and I miss the snow capped mountains, and rolling fields of corn and wheat.

Ministry is hard. People are challenging. There are easily many things to keep us in fear and anxiety. The enemy is out to make you quit. His plan is to keep your eyes on the obstacles. Don’t miss the beauty. When you focus on the God who placed you there, who has called you, who gives you grace in all things - wow. The views are prettier than anything you will ever see while driving. Stare out the window of ministry. Nothing compares to the beauty of God’s presence and work.

I will continue to drive with Jason. I will drive him crazy as he drives the car. But I am going to look out the side windows more often. God, help me to focus on the beauty all around while I trust you (and Jason) with the steering wheel.

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Amy James
Amy James
22 nov. 2023

Thanks Joy for the encouragement. Always appreciate hearing your heart.


Juanita White
Juanita White
20 nov. 2023

I love this, Joy! I had a friend who once drove us very quickly down the steep, windy mountain on our return to Campus Crusade headquarters in San Bernardino, CA. When we finally arrived safely at our destination, I said, "Phew! I can finally put down my full weight now!" She laughed but I have never forgotten that image of how silly I can be when I think I can control things that are totally out of my control.

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